Our Product Services

We have been serving sectors of Aerospace, Defence, Ultra-sensitive PCB manufacturing industries. We manufacture products according to consumer applications.

ESD Brush

The ESD brushes are directly in contact with PCB. The brush includes 2 parts 1. Handle 2. Bristles. 

Antistatic Wrist Strap

We manufacture products according to consumer applications. Exochos Static Technologies provide ESD Audits and Industrial training (Management & Operator Level).

ESD Grounding Cord

We manufacture ESD Grounding Cord with respect to project requirementsAvailable Colours: 1. Black 2. Green 3. Yellow

ESD Channel Brush

The channel brushes consist of Aluminium profile and conductive brushes.This helps to dissipate static charge developed on roller machines

ESD Levellers

The body is inserted in the workstation channel which helps static charge to dissipate through the zinc plated bolt. 

ESD Lug Button

The ESD Lugg button is used for attaching to banana jack of Antistatic Wrist Strap.The Lugg button is highly conductive in nature as it is Nickel plated.

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